Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My root as science communication specialist: 1982-92

I have been working as editor and journalist especially in the S&T(Science and Technology) field.

In the first place I started to produce a lot of brochures mainly for Japanese manufacturers in the early 1980's. At that time a strong pressure, to transform from the catch-up phase to the spontaneous innovation phase of the Japanese R&D system, had emerged after the Japan's miracle of the 70's. It is my impression that their budgets for recruitment of science students were rapidly increasing, by ten between 1982-1985. This boom continued until the mid-90's when the Japanese bubble economy collapsed.

On the other hand, there was a boom of "Artificial Intelligence" in the 80's. The boom had two dimensions of trans-boundary movements, one was between academia and industry and the other was among many disciplines of academia. A national consortium of "the Fifth Generation Computer Project" initiated by MITI was widely noticed all over the world and aroused criticism. This movement seemed tremendously interesting so that we decided to start a new magazine "AI Journal", a critic magazine rather than an academic journal, to capture the emerging situation of the new knowledge-sphere. Twelve numbers were issued bimonthly between 1985-87.
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After then, I edited "Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence". It was edited from very unique aspect, gathering a large number of authors from various academic fields from information science to philosophy. It was issued in 1992, and re-issued in 2003 with very little revision. Therefore I can say the first edition is not outdated still now.

Finally a revival movement seems to emerge after a decade blank now. Information technology is now transforming from the statistic computing approach of the 90's to the semantic computing approach of the 2000's. I have just been involved in this new field as a science public relations specialist (as a journalist in-residence) at the Information Technology Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial S&T.


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